You could call me a creative list-lover. I thoroughly enjoy any opportunity to think outside-the-box, especially in situations that involve planning of any kind. That’s probably why I love writing so much – it’s the perfect opportunity to blend two passions.

My husband probably finds my abundance of lists humorous. They span a variety of topics, including:

  • Must-read books
  • Must-watch movies
  • Places to see
  • Experiences/hobbies to try
  • Health goals to reach; and, of course, the all-important
  • Bucket list

Why so many lists? Because I believe life is enriched by trying and learning new things. And because there’s simply no better feeling than creating a new goal that helps you do that and giving yourself the opportunity to accomplish those goals.

It’s that same zeal for life and creativity that I plan to bring to my books, with the hope that they’ll inspire others to live life passionately. In the meantime, I will use my writing to have some adventures of my own and share those with you through my blog. Want to follow along? Subscribe today and you’ll receive a monthly newsletter with important updates, fun anecdotes, and a¬†free quarterly short story.

I hope you enjoy!