WIPpet Wednesday – May 24, 2017

Whew! Thank goodness for WIPpet Wednesday or I would probably have nothing to post this week – I was actually already bad and missed last week’s post. 😒 Things have just been a little crazy lately, with a mixture of good (my husband is opening his own bike shop) and bad (my grandfather recently passed away). But I guess that’s life, right?

So anyway, since I’m a little behind on writing/editing lately, I thought I’d share a section of my intro to the main character from my WIP, “About the Journey.” 

But first, it’s time for WIPpet math. This one will be fun – the two digits of the day (2 & 4) multiplied together equal 8. The two digit year (17) added together, also equals 8. Combined together you get 16. And May is really the #1 month because it’s my birth month, so subtract 1 from 16 and you get 15. There are 15 “sections” to the intro I’ve posted. 

In this snippet, Kacie McGuire, our woeful workaholic has just gotten off her flight home after a long week/day at work. She’s about to encounter the first of many problems that will come up before she finally makes it home.

Her phone buzzed, updating after being on airplane mode for the last couple hours. Megan had left another voicemail. 

It could wait till morning. Megan Nunez had been her best friend since they were both wearing jelly shoes and top-knot pony tails. She’d understand if it took a while to respond. Besides, Kacie was done with technology for the day. All she wanted was a good night’s sleep in her own bed.

Unfortunately, the universe had other things in mind. 

The first problem came with her suitcase. By the time she made it to the baggage area, the other passengers had swooped up their bags, like pigeons consuming scattered crumbs. The carousels had stopped circling and only three suitcases remained, none of them hers. 

Maroon, with multi-colored polka dots. Big enough to hide a giraffe contortionist. Hard to miss that one. She had Megan to thank for that. The girl had quite the sense of humor when it came to birthday presents.

Of course, at midnight the airport was dead (heightened security, my ass!). After several minutes trying to hunt down help, she took things into her own hands. Her black pencil skirt and gray silk blouse were not ideal for for crawling on baggage belts but sometimes a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do.

Off came the high heels as she  hiked her skirt above her knees.  Then she climbed onto the conveyor belt, crawling on all fours toward the entryway that lead to the baggage loading area. A peek past the rubber flaps told her there was no one on that side either. Shit.

She ducked her head, slinking through the opening like a caterpillar, ignoring the the flaps that snagged her hair. On the other side, Kacie spied the unmistakable corner of her suitcase on the floor just beyond the conveyor belt. 

Yes! Must have fallen off as the carousel was turning. Her arm stretched out, fingertips barely reaching the tip of the bag’s handle. 

Come on. Last thing I need is to be caught with my ass in the air.

With a surge forward and a grunt, she grasped the handle and pulled it partially up on the belt.

“Just a little help,” she muttered to herself. “Someone to radio for assistance. Is that really so much to ask?” She shimmied backwards, tugging the bag with her. When a rip sounded, she jumped, hitting her head against the entryway edge. There was a taste of blood on her lip.

Damn. Her sleeve had caught on an upraised screw. Well this shirt was ruined. Arms tucked in and still grasping the suitcase handle, she slid back some more. Her shoulders were clear of the entryway. Then her head. Kacie curled her stockinged feet under her to brace for one last pull.


She yelped and fell backwards, tumbling off the conveyor belt. Another tear sounded – this time up the side of her skirt. Her bag flipped over her head to land at the feet of a security guard.

How is everyone else doing with their WIPs? With any luck, both your ideas and your words are flowing well. 

If this is your first time coming across the WIPpet blog hop, don’t forget to check out the links of my fellow writers. Each Wednesday, we’re posting snippets from one of our WIPs (works-in-progress) based (VERY loosely) on the date it’s posted.

I hope you enjoy!

#WIPpet Wednesday – May 10, 2017

Today is my first post under the WIPpet Wednesday blog hop I just joined. Yay! As part of the blog hop, I’ll be posting snippets every Wednesday from one of my current works in progress (WIP) – working title, “About the Journey.”

The excerpt has to tie back in some way to the day it’s being posted. Since today is 5/10/17 I went to page 5 of my second chapter, counted 10 lines down and I’m posting the first 17 lines from that starting point. 

So here we go:

“Alright, fine. I’m a horrible, awful friend. Apparently, I forgot about something that was important to you. I’m very, very sorry. Once we’re out of the car, I will grovel at your knees for forgiveness and worship you forever as the greatest friend of all time. Does that earn me an answer?”

Megan smirked. “Fine, I know you’re busy so I forgive you.”

“Thank you, oh Merciful One.” With a sip from her thermos, Kacie savored the taste of now-cool hazelnut coffee.

“We’re going on road trip.”

Coffee exploded from Kacie’s nose and mouth. “What? No way. We cannot go on a road trip.”

“Aw, come on.” Megan handed her some tissues to clean up the mess. “And yes we can.”

“How long of a trip are we talking about here?” She wiped her face and then the dashboard.

“A week.”

Kacie froze. “A week? You’re crazy. There is no way I’m going on a road trip right now.”

“Yes, you are.”

What you don’t see in this excerpt is that Kacie is a bit (or a lot) of a workaholic. So much so that she’s completely forgotten that they agreed to go on this trip over a year ago. 

Megan is on a mission to make sure she follows through with their plans. They’re about to embark on the road trip they’ve been planning since they were 15 years old.

Hope you enjoyed! I’m looking forward to sharing more details in the future. 

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