#WIPpet Wednesday – May 10, 2017

Today is my first post under the WIPpet Wednesday blog hop I just joined. Yay! As part of the blog hop, I’ll be posting snippets every Wednesday from one of my current works in progress (WIP) – working title, “About the Journey.”

The excerpt has to tie back in some way to the day it’s being posted. Since today is 5/10/17 I went to page 5 of my second chapter, counted 10 lines down and I’m posting the first 17 lines from that starting point. 

So here we go:

“Alright, fine. I’m a horrible, awful friend. Apparently, I forgot about something that was important to you. I’m very, very sorry. Once we’re out of the car, I will grovel at your knees for forgiveness and worship you forever as the greatest friend of all time. Does that earn me an answer?”

Megan smirked. “Fine, I know you’re busy so I forgive you.”

“Thank you, oh Merciful One.” With a sip from her thermos, Kacie savored the taste of now-cool hazelnut coffee.

“We’re going on road trip.”

Coffee exploded from Kacie’s nose and mouth. “What? No way. We cannot go on a road trip.”

“Aw, come on.” Megan handed her some tissues to clean up the mess. “And yes we can.”

“How long of a trip are we talking about here?” She wiped her face and then the dashboard.

“A week.”

Kacie froze. “A week? You’re crazy. There is no way I’m going on a road trip right now.”

“Yes, you are.”

What you don’t see in this excerpt is that Kacie is a bit (or a lot) of a workaholic. So much so that she’s completely forgotten that they agreed to go on this trip over a year ago. 

Megan is on a mission to make sure she follows through with their plans. They’re about to embark on the road trip they’ve been planning since they were 15 years old.

Hope you enjoyed! I’m looking forward to sharing more details in the future. 

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